About Jamie Mueller

 Hometown Heroes
Jamie Mueller is recognized on Sunny 95 West Side Hometown Heroes in this radio spot from May of 2014.


 Village of New Rome Debacle
Jamie was instrumental in addressing issues with respect to the Village of New Rome debacle a few years ago.  Please read on:

One of the approaches to marketing the Lincoln Lodge was for the Managing Partner, Jamie Mueller, to personally integrate into the local community. His involvement in the local business associations, civic groups, chambers, churches and school system also led to his role in the demise of the former Village of New Rome. New Rome, located one quarter mile west of the Lincoln Lodge, was a well known, speed trap operated by politically corrupt insiders. The negative association impacted his project and was a “black-eye” to local business, the neighborhood and the western part of Franklin County.

The former village, now part of Prairie Township, had been run by a few local bullies who had their way with those who drove through town. This negatively affected Mueller‘s Lincoln Lodge business, as well as the real estate and businesses of his local colleagues and friends. He recognized change needed to come from within the village and decided to “make it his business”. He established residency in the village with a population of 60 and entered into the New Rome Mayoral race. The election was highly charged, controversial and contentious, however, Mueller was elected Mayor and sworn into office in 2004.

The news coverage was extensive and led to a certain level of notoriety for Mayor Jamie Mueller, and most importantly, the successful dismantling of a corrupt network of “small-town” insiders. Mueller brought the disinfectant of the “sunlight” and worked towards the demise of an unneeded level of government. The municipality of the former village was subsequently dissolved through state legislation and eventually melted into the surrounding Prairie Township.